Queen Pins

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Not your average pin-up gals. Get stuck on the radical women who shatter(ed) the status quo with a unique sense of style and power. A collab with Inner Decay.

Featuring -

  • The Mata HariDouble Agent Provocateur” Pin
  • The Fran Lebowitz “Grouch Simplicity”  Pin
  • The Siouxsie Sioux “Banshee Shrill” Pin
  • The Rei Kawakubo ”Comme Get Deez” Pin
  • The Andrea Dworkin “Resist the Pricks” Pin
  • The Shirley Chisholm “Unbought & Embossed” Pin
  • The Remy Ma “Drop that Shether” Pin

100% of the proceeds of the Andrea Dworkin pin will be donated to RAINN, an anti-sexual assault organization working with local rape crisis centers across the US.